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Hi! We're Lisa and Erika; two sisters who love Keto and cocktails, but hate how sugared up and carb loaded they can be. Our goal is to create Low carb/keto-friendly cocktails under 5 carbs so that you can sustain your healthy lifestyle and have some fun along the way. We take our booze very seriously and hope you will join us in our experiments! Cheers!

Lisa & Erika

Keto Approved Alcohol


What is best?

There are plenty of low carb alcohols that are Keto friendly! Most are 0 carbs per serving!

Don’t derail your hard work with sugary cocktails and sweet wines. Traditional margaritas, mojitos, craft beers, and moscatos can have upwards of 30 carbs per drink! At home it’s pretty easy to ketofy these. At a restaraunt, you can order vodka or tequila with soda water or diet tonic when you're in a pinch for zero carbs. Boring, but fine.  Dirty gin martinis with some olives are 1 carb and are delicious. You can keep stevia or monk fruit drops in your purse, ask the bartender to leave out the simple syrup, and take the sweetening into your own hands. If you are looking to drink wine, stick to the dry versions. Reds, whites, Brut and Extra Brut rose' and sparkling wines are around 2-5 carbs per 5 oz. Resiling, moscatos, sweet reds, and liquers are all very high in sugar. Leave em. 

Plan ahead

Drinking lowers your inhibitions. Be prepared and have some Keto approved snacks ready when hunger strikes. Meat and cheese plates, bone-in wings, veggies trays, spinach dip with fathead bread, pork rinds and dip, and PB straight out of the jar Have saved us so many times. 

Keto And Drinking

Can drinking kick you out of ketosis?

The answer is yes, sometimes it can, if you aren’t careful. We didn’t drink much in the beginning weeks, though we did have a few approved alcohols here and there. The alcohol molecule itself is not a carbohydrate. It’s those sugary mixers and added sugars in wines and spirits that will kick you out of ketosis. 

 After your body is fat adapted (4-6 weeks, though everyone is different) you have the metabolic machinery to be more flexible with the extra carbs here and there, and it’s easier to get back into ketosis if you do get kicked out. I can tell if I get kicked out of ketosis without even testing my ketones because of the way I feel- bloated, heavy, snacky, and less energetic. 90% of the time I can safely have a few drinks and either stay in ketosis or get back in after I burn through the alcohol.  

The greater risk of being kicked out of ketosis is from drunken bad food decisions and carb binges. Don’t do it! Make sure you have plenty of keto-friendly snacks on hand when you are drinking alcohol and drink plenty of water and electrolytes. 

One more thing- because of the low amounts of carbohydrates consumed on the Keto diet, your liver doesn’t have much glycogen to process. While drinking, normally glycogen gets processed first and alcohol second, but alcohol gets put in the front of the line and goes straight into your blood stream. This decreases your tolerance big time (2 shot Sally is my new nickname). It’s great because that means less calories for the same effect. It’s not great if you are just getting used to this new way your body works. Be careful! 

One more effect from the lack of glycogen is less electrolyte storage and some nasty hangovers as a result.

 Per usual with this Keto life, planning= success. If you mess up here and there, it’s fine. Promise. Get back on the train, live your life, and make this a way of living that is sustainable. Keto is not depriving; it’s quite fun in fact. There is a way to enjoy or sub out almost everything. Let’s experiment!



Get your electrolytes in!


Keto Beam

Electrolytes are a huge factor when  you are drinking on the Keto Diet, and for the diet in general. These products balance your PH,  give your body the nutrients you need, and make you feel so good! We reccommend taking both together for best results. We take a shot of Electrolyze and Micro-boost daily, and double up the night of drinking and the morning after.  If we accidentally drink too much, the hangover is substantially less if no at all!

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Yes, drink the Wine!

Wine is a staple in our lives, and the majority of wines are low in carbs and perfectly acceptable on the Keto diet. The carbs in wine come from residual sugars. Dry wines have the least amount of residual sugar at less than 2g/L. Dry red and white wines are typically 2-4 carbs per 5 oz, and some companies are getting onboard and marketing low sugar wines that are as low as .24 carbs per 5 oz! With wine, you just need to know what to look for. Many cheaper wines (under $10 per bottle) add sugar to the bottle after production to cover up poor quality. Try to go for mid range stuff, and look for organic if you can find it. The lack of pesticides and chemicals will decrease the chances of negative effects (wine flu!). It’s like buying meat; you want to try to get the best you can afford, but even the cheapest is better than sugar laden alternatives.                                         

Common low carb white wines: 

Sauvignon Blanc (3 carbs)-fruity and flirty 

Chardonnay (3.8 carbs) buttery and rich

Pinot Grigio (3.2 carbs)- zesty and fresh

Common low carb red wines: 

Merlot (3.5 carbs) soft and supple, flavors of chocolate and cherry  

Pino Nior (3 carbs) dry and fruity 

Cabernet (3.8 carbs) dry, medium bodied

Malbec (4 carbs) robust and full-bodied, smoky finish 

Rose’ has the same rules, just make sure it’s dry. 


Boozy Tip

 STAY AWAY FROM: Moscato, Riesling, Zinfandel, some sweet red blends, and fortified wines such as Port, Sherry, Marsala, and Vermouth (though an ounce of vermouth in a martini is only 2 carbs).  Drinking a glass of wine a night is highly unlikely to knock you out of ketosis, but everyone is different. Be prepared, drink some water, and if you want the wine, drink it. This Keto thing is a lifestyle, after all.


Infuse Your Booze

Alcohol infusions are our absolute favorite way to add flavor our cocktails with minimal carbs. We hate that fake flavor and mass amount of sugar that comes with traditionally flavored alcohols. Infusing is simple to do, tastes fresh and delicious, and will give you a unique flavor that is so fun to experiment with. you can literally infuse anything- apples and cinnamon for a fall Mosow Mule or Martini, jalepenos and pineapple for an out of this world Margarita or Bloody Mary, basil and strawberries with vodka, mint and blueberries with rum, BACON, ANYTHING!!! get creative!

Some infusions our favorite infusions are apple pie vodka, (pictured) ginger lime gin, cherry pie bourbon, coffee whiskey, limoncello, orange infused vodka, cinnamon ginger pear gin, and jalapeño tequila. The options are endless. We like to use whatever fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season and mix away!

Boozy Tip:

Add your favorite spirit in a mason jar and add your choice fruits, herbs, vegetables, etc. Let sit for a few days up to a few weeks and you have an infusion!

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